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We're listening - have your say

Have your say and help shape NHS services for families like yours

We want to hear from you about your experiences to make sure that the Health Visiting, School Health and School-aged Immunisation Services provide the best support to families across Kent.

How we do this?

  • Listening to you and identifying problems together.
  • Working together to generate ideas and solutions.
  • Co-producing services.

You can join us at our listening events and go on to work with us on projects to shape our services. This is are either held online or face-to-face.

Previous projects we’ve worked with parents and carers on include:

What would be involved?

Whatever works for you. You can email or call for a chat and share your ideas that way. You may enjoy coming to our face-to-face or virtual groups, and seeing how your contributions make a difference to our service.

There is no set commitment, you can join us to work on a short project, attend when you have time or attend regularly.

Everyone has something to offer and everyone is welcome. Your own experiences as a parent or carer is all that you need.

How does this work with my children?

We understand that you have to fit meetings around your children so don’t worry if you are late, leave early, or have a baby or toddler with you.

Contact us

Get in touch if you are interested in getting involved.

You can also complete a survey providing feedback on our services.