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Whole School Approach

Emotional and physical health has a huge impact on the ability of children to be able to learn.

A whole school approach is one where children and the adults supporting them flourish, learn and succeed because the school works in partnership to put health and wellbeing at the heart of their mission.

The Whole School Approach Team has created a suite of resources that provide practical online tools and support for schools around each of these key areas.

  • Relationships and sex education
    Support to deliver compulsory relationships and sex education.
  • Health information
    Online training and resources for asthma, anaphalxsis and epilepsy.
  • Healthy lifestyles
    Support for schools to encourage and support healthy lifestyles particularly around physical activity, smoking and weight.
  • Emotional health, wellbeing and resilience
    Support around year six transition and emotional health and wellbeing. You can also access emotional health and wellbeing resources to support resilience here.
  • Personal, social, health and economic education
  • Guidance, support and resources to help you deliver personal, social, health and economic education
  • Drug and alcohol education
    Support to deliver effective alcohol and drug education which builds pupil resilience and life skills.
  • Neurodiversity
  • Immunisation