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Keeping children’s teeth healthy

Getting into good habits will help keep your child’s teeth and gums stay healthy and decay-free now and in later life.

Avoid sugary snacks and drinks in between meals and make sure you take your child for regular dental check-ups. NHS dental care is free for children, find your nearest dentist at

Helping your child brush their teeth

Brushing helps to remove the harmful plaque and bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease.  Supervise your child brushing their teeth until you’re confident they know how to brush properly.

  • Brush teeth twice a day.
  • Use a child’s brush with medium bristles to reach all parts of the mouth. Change their toothbrush every three months if possible.
  • Use toothpaste that contains flouride, which helps to strengthen enamel and reduce decay.
  • Brush the outsides, insides and chewing surfaces of the teeth, brushing each tooth surface for five seconds. Brushing your teeth should take two to three minutes in total.
  • Place the head of your toothbrush against the teeth and tilt the bristle tips towards the gum line at 45 degrees. You need to clean both the tooth and the gum line. Use smaller, circular movements or vibrations. Dr Ranj and Supertooth have some great tips you might want to share with your child to help them get the right technique.

Families who might need further support

Some children struggle with brushing with their teeth due to sensory sensitivities. The Pod has more support on sensory processing and support for your child.

The Special Care Dentistry Team provide dental care for patients who may have a social, psychological or physical disability who need dental care adapted to suit their needs and for those patients with phobias or fears of dental care or those who need adapted surgeries for wheelchair access.

Useful resources

  • has more information on looking after your child’s teeth.
  • Visit or phone 0300 123 4412 or text 07520 618850 to find your nearest NHS dentist in Kent.
  • Kent Dental Service has links to helpful leaflets on children’s dental health.