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NHS services for my child at school

School health nurseThe Kent School Health Team supports children and young people aged five to nineteen, including those who do not attend school. The team works with schools, parents and carers to prevent ill health in children, families and the wider community, support safeguarding of children and young people and address any health needs to make sure every child reaches their potential.

A child’s health plays an important part in their school journey. The team will visit your child’s school and see how your child is doing in reception and year six. If you have any concerns, you don’t need to wait for them to visit your child’s school, you can contact the School Health Team at any time. You can also access their support if your child isn’t attending school.

Visit our Kent Child section for more information on keeping your child healthy, safe and how to support them at school.

You can watch a short introduction video from the service to explain how they can support you and your child.