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Your pre-schooler’s development

At this stage your child will be becoming much more agile, able to

  • hop
  • stand on one foot up to five seconds
  • climb up and down stairs without support
  • kick a football
  • throw a ball with their arms above their head.

Their drawing skills will be improving and you might see them draw recognisable shapes such as circles, squares or even letters at this stage. Encourage them to use scissors safely.

Give them the tools they need to practice including pencils, papers, children’s scissors to help them continue to develop and express themselves.

If you have any worries about your child’s development at any stage, you can speak to your health visitor for advice and support.

Useful resources

  • The Born to Move app can support you to help your child reach their potential. You can add your child’s profile and record photos and milestones along the way to look back on, or to share with friends and family. Regular tips from your local health visitor will give you ideas to support your child to continue to develop and get ready for school.
  • ‘Understanding your child’ courses are here to you develop as a parent as your family grows. These free online courses are available in 15-20-minute chunks, perfect for busy parents and carers. Use the access code Invicta to register for your free account.
  • BBC Tiny Happy People has fun activities you can do with your child.
  • Hungry Little Minds provides simple, fun activities for children from new born to five to support with your child’s development.