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Twins and multiples

Twins You might be shocked to find you’re expecting twins or triplets at your first ultrasound scan. You’ll no doubt experience a range of emotions hearing the news; you might feel excited and blessed alongside worries about how you’ll cope.

Bump, Birth and Beyond has lots of information for Kent and Medway families about pregnancy and birth with multiple babies. You’ll have additional monitoring during pregnancy and it’s more likely your babies will be born before 37 weeks.

The first few months with multiple babies can be hard until you get into more of a routine with things like feeding and sleeping. There is no one way to do things and it’s important to do what’s right for you. Your health visitor is there to support you and keep an eye on your babies’ progress with you. They can support you with feeding your babies. Breastfeeding is still possible – your body can produce enough milk for your babies. This is a lovely way to calm your babies and create a strong bond with them.

The first year with your babies is going to be exciting with lots of precious moments but caring for two or more babies is hard work. For some people, the extra pressure can lead to postnatal depression. Get in touch with your local Health Visiting Team if you are finding things difficult or visit our mental wellbeing section for more support.

Useful resources

  • has more information on the care after your babies are born.
  • The Multiple Births Foundation has lots of useful support for parents of multiples.
  • The Twins Trust supports parents through every milestone of their journey from pregnancy to adulthood.

Looking for breastfeeding support?

Beside You is here to help every step of the way.